Causes of water damage

Understanding Effects Of Water Damage

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Water damage is a major problem that affects many homeowners. When the snow melts, or it rains this risk increases heavily. You should note that water can cause a lot of damage that is worth thousands of dollars. For instance, it can damage furniture, upholstery, plumbing equipment, mold growth, and household appliances. In fact, mold growth can be a very expensive problem to end. You can hire water damage phoenix restoration contractor to carry out the cleanup. The good thing about these companies is that they have skilled workers that understand the right way to replace or repair damaged items.

Causes of water damageCauses of water damage

Nowadays, there are various causes of water damage. Clogged toilets, leaky dishwashers, overflowing washing machines, broken piping, plumbing leaks, leaky roofs, foundation cracks, and broken dishwasher hoses are some causes in both residential and business premises. Others include heavy snow, heavy rain, and floods. These types of causes can lead to water getting in basements. Excessive water can cause minor problems like water in the basement. This may result in the destruction of businesses and homes.

If your property sustains water damage, you should begin the cleanup immediately. This increases the likelihood of restoring water-soaked carpets, clothing, carpets, and several other items.

Different categories of water damage

The process of assessing the extent of damage is quite important to know what is required to start water removal and repairs. There are various categories, which are assigned to water damage. The first one refers to clean water. This is water, which does not pose any harm to humans. This damage results from sink overflows and broken appliances.

The otherCauses of water damage category is gray water. In this case, water is contaminated and can cause sickness if it is ingested. It contains various microorganisms. In fact, broken sump pump, broken toilet, and seepages can cause it. The last category is called black water. This form is harmful and contains various bacteria and organisms, which cause sickness. Main sources of black water include contamination of water and other sewage problems.

Restoration process

This is an important process. Use of right materials and procedures help save belongings and prevent the property from being condemned. Companies providing water restoration services are specialized in mitigating effects of water damage. The success of the process is dependent on the amount of water, which has caused the damage. Fortunately, they use modern equipment and proven procedures to control the damage.