How to Buy the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home

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Choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your needs can turn out to be a daunting task, especially with the numerous aspects that you have to put into consideration. You have to consider aspects such as size, power, type of floor surface, and many more before settling for a specific model. Keep in mind that you’ll not get a chance to buy a new vacuum cleaner every day, so picking the best one is very important. We found the right vacuum for us after reading a couple of guides. With that being said, here’re some of the pro tips on how to buy the best vacuum cleaner for your home.


To know how powerful the appliance is, you have to know the amount of power it uses. In short, the more the power it uses, the more powerful the machine. This aside, it’s advisable to go for a more powerful option by looking at the airwatts if you’re living in an area with lots of dust, and you won’t mind the electricity bills as well. However, you might get some very effective vacuums for much more affordable price. Therefore, never compromise quality for the price.

Bagged vs Bagless

Both bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners have their advantages and disadvantages. First forward, bagless vacuum cleaners offers no or reduced suction loss, as the cleaner fills up. However, the performance varies depending on the system quality or the brand you’re using, but that’s the main selling point. Another advantage is that you’ll save a few bucks because you won’t be required to buy bags from time to time.

Their main downside is that dust can escape back into your room, so you have to be very careful. This’s however where bagged vacuum cleaners come in handy, especially if you’re suffering from allergy complications. Bagless vacuum cleaners also require their filters to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Upright vs Cylinder

The kind of cleaning style you prefer should be the main driving factor behind choosing either a cylinder or an upright vacuum cleaner. As much as cylinder cleaners are easier to store, they can become annoying when pulling them around. In fact, if you have back problems, this’s not the best cleaner for you because you’ll have to do lots of bending. On the other side, an upright one will breeze around your surface floors with lots of ease. So the choice mainly comes down to what you prefer.


Most people tend to avoid noisy vacuum cleaners. A noisy vacuum cleaner can become annoying, especially if you’re living in an apartment with babies. You definitely wouldn’t want to wake them up, do you? The best option is to choose a vacuum that’s within 60-65 decibel range. These kinds of machines are quieter while at the same time perform very effectively.

Always Test

Conducting a thorough test on the vacuum cleaner before purchasing is also very important. Try to check out the following features:

  • Maneuverability – Is the machine easy to steer, lift, or pull?
  • Noise – How noisy is the machine?
  • Cleaning on stairs – How long is the detachable hose and how light is the machine?
  • Amount of sweeps – How many sweeps and how long does it take to clean a 40cm diameter circle?
  • Edge cleaning – How well does the machine clean the skirting board’s edges?

In conclusion, a vacuum cleaner should definitely be an essential part of your home cleaning kit. Being the simplest and the fastest way of properly cleaning you house, choosing the right type is very important. All in all, if you follow the above simple tips, you can be sure about landing the best machine that suits all your needs.