Finding the Best Garden for Your House

the Best Garden for Your HouseSeeing as a house is one of the most paramount financial investment one makes in their lifetime, the question of ‘which garden is best for your house?’ comes up more than once.

As a rule, flowers lift the mood resulting in your home being more welcoming to your guests. It is advisable to adorn your entrance in an array of perennials and annuals to ensure the display of scenic colors all year long. Lily-of -the -Nile, Petunia, Gertrude Jekyl and Snapdragon are the ideal choices for this.

The best way to achieve a cohesive design and an artful aesthetic is to coordinate the palette of your house to your garden. This can easily be done by matching your plant colors to your house colors. A pertinent point to mull over when picking your color palette is the number of colors you intend to use, keeping in mind that less is more. The color palette is also dependent on your particular temperament as your garden will indeed be a reflection of your personality whether fun, sophisticated or melancholic.

To begin this fulfilling task, get your hands on a color wheel from the local art supply store and utilize it for the identification of colors that will offer a satisfactory contrast or harmony to your home. House colors that are easiest for a garden to blend with are the browns, greens and beiges commonly found in nature. In the instance that a house fuses effortlessly with the surrounding landscape, then the flowers are only required to display contrast and therefore the flowers can be chosen indiscriminately.

Taking into account that pastel-colored houses are very vibrant, the garden’s color scheme should in turn contrast very well with or relate to the said house color. An added bonus is that despite the house’s intensely hued nature, it can subtly meld into the natural landscape. Warm house colors of pink, apricot or light yellow would pair quite nicely with plantings of equally warm colors and the same can also be said of cool house colors and their plantings thus creating harmony.

the Best Garden for Your HouseTo set a boisterous mood, combination of colors that are opposite to each other in the color wheel such as a purple house with yellow flowers is necessary as this creates contrast. Over-the-top bright house colors are striking and therefore should be paired with gardens which are equally exquisite. In keeping with the color scheme you should repeat the house colors as closely as possible for as long as possible throughout the year.

It is recommendable to use rich plantings of annuals in vivid and long-lasting hues or add slightly deeper shades of these colors by the use of foliage. Thus the question of ‘which garden is best for your house?’ is answered.

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