Guide to Choosing a Kitchen Faucet

kitchen faucetKitchen faucets play an essential role in any household. Nowadays, they are not just made for their primary function, to supply water to the sink; they are regarded as critical design features. And because faucets sit above the sink, the design chosen has to command some attention. Of course, the faucet has to stand up to everyday kitchen demands. That said, here is a rundown of some important features to consider when shopping for a faucet for your kitchen.


The style matters a lot when it comes to choosing a faucet. Whether you prefer modern-day designs or you still prefer traditional designs, there is an option for you. Faucet styles can be categorized as rustic, contemporary, modern, and traditional, looking at some of the options from faucet manufacturers. The options out there can be somewhat overwhelming. But if you have an idea of what works for you, getting the best style for your kitchen will be a breeze.

Mounting Options

A good number of homeowners are interested in the way a faucet is mounted on the sink, more than the functional benefits it offers. Choosing a faucet based on the mounting mechanism is all about personal preferences. Here are some mounting options to consider when choosing a sink:

  • Sink Mount
  • Deck Mount
  • Wall Mount


The quality of the finish offered by a faucet matters a lot. Some of the most popular finishes include polished chrome, matte black, stainless steel, and oil-rubbed bronze. Your style largely influences the finish you chose. Another important aspect worth looking at when choosing a faucet is how tied together you want them and other features to be. Like with style, choosing a specific finish over another is all about personal preferences.

Faucet Technology

With the world going digital, choosing a faucet nowadays has something to do with technology. Faucet manufacturers have managed to incorporate some technologies into contemporary designs. For instance, some faucets have motion detection features for hands-free operations. Others are touch-activated, which means that you can easily have water flowing even with the back of your hand.

As you can see, choosing a faucet is not a straightforward process. Besides the features highlighted here, you also need to consider things such as value for money and durability. Ideally, you have to do due diligence on your part to improve your chances of getting the right faucet.